Review: Ass Goblins of Auschwitz

Review: The Ass Goblins of Auschwitz

By Steven Shroyer

                I don’t think The Holocaust is that funny, something about 6 million Jews and thousands of other undesirables, doesn’t scream whimsical fun. However, in essence this is why so many stories about The Holocaust are dry as toast and rehashes of everything before… until now.

Last fall I had the pleasure of reading “The Ass Goblins of Auschwitz” by Mr. Cameron Pierce and I must say if any book deserves a film adaptation this is it. It is a spellbinding tale of menace and heart that will swallow you whole.

This book tells the tale of a pair of conjoined twins who are of  the many kids who have abducted by the Ass Goblins, a group of sentient alien buttocks with eyes who force the kids to make toys out of human parts. The two boys, 999 and 1001 are soon thrust into a bizarre plot that will make them into monstrosities  which may lead to the Goblins end.

The story moves at a fast clip with blood and gore filling each page and splattering on the reader’s subconscious alongside the Goblin’s feces and farts. This story is also a dead serious one, played not for laughs as some would hope but unnamable dread growing as the story builds to its action packed climax. Pierce has made not only a masterpiece of the bizarro genre but a book that deserves its place among the pantheon of dark fantasy and horror alongside works of such mainstream authors as Gaiman and Mielvelle.

If you haven’t picked this out from amazon, what are you waiting for. It is a perfect summer treat and a pallet cleanser from all the crappy summer blockbusters.



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